Welcome to the Virginia Bluebird Society (VBS) of Arlington County dedicated to conserving the Eastern Bluebirds and other small cavity-nesting birds native to Virginia. Thanks to our volunteers, we have been able to build, install, protect, and monitor 26 nestboxes at 6 VBS trails in Arlington County. In 2019, 61 native birds fledged from our nest boxes.

What we do

Nestbox monitors check on the boxes weekly during nesting season (April through August) to detect problems early and provide a greater chance of survival.  They install predator guards and faceplates to minimize the chance that snakes, squirrels, raccoons, large birds, and cats will prey on the eggs and nestlings.  Monitors also look for signs of…

Why we do it

The Eastern Bluebird was one of Virginia’s most common songbirds 100 years ago. but their numbers sharply declined due to environmental factors and development.  Harsh winters, urban sprawl, lack of dead trees or snags, invasive house sparrow, a decline in winter food (native berries), and pesticides and herbicides like glyphosate which can kill bluebirds very quickly. Thanks to conservation efforts…

Where we do it

The first trail was at Fort C.F. Smith Park. In 2006, a second trail was created nearby at Thrifton Hill Park. In 2008, our third trail went up at Taylor Elementary. Thanks to Wolf Scouts of Pack 149 for building nestboxes and installing them. The 4th grade nestbox monitors at Taylor Elementary were pleasantly surprised to…

Get involved

The more the merrier! Ways to get involved: Join VBS Sponsor a bluebird box as a gift or for any day Volunteer as a nestbox monitor Offer to write a story Contact us